NewsMay 5, 2022by sphere_prYubico Releases MFA Guide in Recognition of World Password(less) Day

In recognition of World Password Day, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today issued a multi-factor authentication (MFA) guide to help better define common and new industry terms, as well as the standards that are supporting modern authentication.

While it is World Password Day, Yubico is working towards a phishing-resistant and passwordless future. The first step in achieving this is understanding the security industry’s “alphabet soup” of acronyms and tools, and the world of MFA is no exception. Faced with increasingly complex and evolving cyberattacks, the need for the adoption of modern authentication is now being highlighted at a global scale – as seen in the White House’s cybersecurity executive order and Office of Management and Budget memo outlining the critical need for phishing-resistant MFA. 

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people and businesses alike to keep up with the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape,” said Ronnie Manning, chief marketing officer, Yubico. “Our goal at Yubico is to make the internet safer for everyone, including making industry terms more accessible and easier to understand.”

Yubico’s MFA guide is designed to eliminate confusion and help individuals and organisations understand different authentication options and how these options can work for them. Learn about two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, passwordless logins, FIDO-based authentication, and much more.

Furthermore, it is clear that not all authentication is created equal. The guide will help explain the difference between basic authentication and modern, phishing-resistant MFA, an authentication process that is immune to attackers intercepting or even tricking users into revealing access information.

“World Password Day helps bring global awareness for individuals and organisations to increase their password hygiene and overall online security,” said Manning. “Everyone should take this opportunity to protect their identities, data, and accounts by going beyond using basic username and passwords and turning on MFA for their online applications and services, including the use of modern authentication tools like YubiKeys.”

To learn more about the types of MFA and what one will protect you the most, see our MFA guide here. Additionally, you can attend our upcoming webinar where we will dive even deeper into defining Phishing-resistant MFA.