NewsMay 3, 2022by sphere_prSYSPRO Cloud ERP gains traction as manufacturing needs shift amidst ongoing supply chain disruptions

Following from an extensive early adopter program, SYSPRO, a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider, has launched its Cloud ERP deployment option to Australian manufacturers and distributors. Designed to make things possible in key industries, SYSPRO Cloud ERP provides businesses with the agility to meet evolving market demands amidst ongoing supply chain disruptions. SYSPRO Cloud ERP offers manufacturers multiple benefits including the ability to collaborate in real-time, the capacity to adopt best industry practice, the proficiency to customise requirements and reduce IT Infrastructure, resilience and management costs, as well as the ability to future-proof operations.

Research shows that the vulnerabilities caused by supply chain disruptions have increased focus on resiliency, transparency and visibility. According to the recent SYSPRO global research survey titled ‘Realigning the links of the disconnected supply chain’, 70 percent of manufacturing and distribution businesses experienced supply chain disruptions over the last few years. Added to those pressures,60 percent of businesses were unable to engage and collaborate with customers and suppliers in real-time. While collaboration and supply chain disruptions have been the biggest areas of impact, only 45 percent of businesses have the systems in place to address these disruptions and effectively collaborate with external suppliers and customers.

“Manufacturers have come to realise that in order to overcome supply chain disruptions, their business operations need to consider a different approach to ensure supply-chain resiliency. We are now witnessing a time where manufacturers and distributors are considering the value in the journey towards digital transformation with cloud at the centre of that strategy. With the pandemic, their cautious hesitancy to adopt cloud systems has been largely allayed as they acknowledge that the cloud allows for collaboration, communication and business continuity. With SYSPRO Cloud ERP, manufacturers and distributors still get the full benefits of their ERP system – it is simply deployed in the cloud and accessed through an appropriate user interface,” says Paulo De Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO.

The SYSPRO research study also revealed that only 20 percent of manufacturing and distribution businesses have looked at investing in big data analytics in response to ongoing disruptions. Without these data insights in hand, businesses have had no visibility into shifts along the supply chain and lack the ability to collaborate with customers and suppliers in real-time. “The pandemic showed the importance of connectedness for the industry to engage with all stakeholders (suppliers or customers) in real time. To do this, manufacturers require cloud enabled business systems underpinned by meaningful data to secure their digital future. By integrating operations into a Cloud ERP platform, manufacturers could have real-time access to customer and supplier data as well as tap into emerging technologies with the right capabilities to ensure agility and connectivity with their external eco-system,” states De Matos

The survey additionally revealed that almost 70 percent of businesses have opted to focus on a digitalisation strategy to overcome future disruptions. For many businesses, this involves the conversion of business processes over to use digital technologies and a shift away from analogue or manual systems.

According to Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific CEO at SYSPRO, “For manufacturers considering the benefits of an ERP system to help them on their journey towards digitalisation, it is worthwhile to investigate the multiple benefits of deployment of that system into the cloud. Additionally, resilience of IT operations and compliance challenges such as backups, recovery management as well as the ongoing requirement to ensure suitable performance of the ERP solution is also negated.”

SYSPRO continues to offer the best choice and flexibility to its customers ensuring its ERP solution is available on-premise, via private hosting and now via SYSPRO Cloud ERP.