NewsNovember 10, 2021by sphere_pr0Groundbreaking Italian Tourism Campaign aimed at Australians Won By Smith Brothers Media

The Italian National Tourist Board has partnered with Smith Brothers Media to launch a groundbreaking campaign, promoting Italy as the ideal travel destination across Australia and beyond.

Themed around Make IT Real, the campaign will use humour, user-generated content and a strong demand for travel to engage audiences across multiple platforms and channels, encouraging them to ‘Make IT Real’ for themselves and plan a trip to Italy.


With Australia finally opening its international borders, the campaign comes at the perfect time to generate excitement around overseas travel. Make IT Real will encourage Australian holidaymakers to take a more adventurous step and explore what Italy has to offer in 2022.

The Make IT Real campaign will take a humorous look at ‘local’ Italian experiences when compared to the ‘real’ experience in Italy itself, capitalising on how these beloved icons- pasta, F1, cycling tours and more- are already ingrained within Australian culture. Social media will play a large role in the campaign, encouraging users to create their very own ‘Make IT Real’ moment and share via social media.



“Italy is the number one European destination for Australian travellers,” says Emanuele Attanasio, Manager of the Italian National Tourist Board for Australia and New Zealand. “We are very excited about launching our new campaign, “Make IT Real”, which coincides with the opening of international borders. So many of us are keen to get back and enjoy the scenery, the food and the Italian way of life.”

The Make IT Real campaign was conceived by digital agency Smith Brothers Media, who will also be responsible for creating assets and marketing the campaign to a wide audience.

“It’s been a fantastic journey building the campaign, and we can’t wait to deliver it,” says James Smith, CEO of Smith Brothers Media. “The timing is perfect. Everything is opening up, excitement is building for all kinds of amazing travel possibilities. There’s never been a better time to start turning dreams into reality.”

The campaign was launched officially on November 1st and can be seen here.

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