Our team defines who we are and how we work. Sphere PR is committed to investing in talented people, bringing us the innovation, enthusiasm and creativity needed to deliver the best results for our clients

Louise Roberts – Managing Director and main client contact
Celebrating 25 years in tech PR for major specialist PR agencies including Spectrum, Insight Marketing, Bell Pottinger, Brodeur (now Ketchum) and in-house for British Telecom. Clients: SYSPRO, MOVUS, SEMrush, RingCentral, Yubico, Certus, NETSCOUT, Arbor Networks, Oakton, PeopleSoft, Google, SAP, Cisco, Intel, Symantec, IBM, Cognos, EMC, VMWare, HP, Fujitsu, Seagate, Cashfac and Concur.

Gary Thomas – Chairman and senior counsel
With a career in project management and events management, his specialist knowledge has been acquired with Infrastructure NSW, IBM, ICC Sydney, AEG Ogden, StageRig, Brisbane International Convention Centre and National Semiconductors. He provides invaluable strategic guidance to the PR team.

Catherine Hollyman – Senior Account Director
17 years in tech PR and our expert in strategic communications. Senior PR experience with PR agencies, Text 100, Agent 25, Hill and Knowlton and Golly Slater. Clients: IBM, Optus, Google, Arbor, Certus, Workshare, MediaCom and Voyager.

Victoria McClelland-Fletcher, Account Director
16 years in tech PR, including tech agencies, Text 100 and Watterson. Clients: IBM, McAfee, Adobe, AAPT, Verisign, Mitsubishi Electric, Nortel, Netgear, Cincom, SYSPRO, Yubico, Oakton, NETSCOUT, Arbor, Workshare, Reactive, Tuned Global, MediaCom and Certus.


We move our clients out of the pure media Sphere of Influence by using clever communications strategies that succeed in today’s digitally transformed world. The secret to our success is that we focus on the results and we always deliver on our promises.