Yubico Expands YubiEnterprise Subscription Services, Simplifying YubiKey Procurement for Enterprises across APAC

Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today announced expanded global availability of YubiEnterprise Subscription, the company’s service-based offering that has transformed the way that enterprises purchase, upgrade, and support YubiKey security keys. Now, Yubico channel partners across the world, including those in Australia and New Zealand, can efficiently sell strong YubiKey authentication at scale.

Yubico has already signed up its first Asia Pacific client to YubiEnterprise Subscription, which is a regional council. The three-year subscription deal has been secured by Yubico’s partner, NQBE, in Queensland. More details on this deal will be announced soon.

"As security threats evolve so rapidly, the technologies designed to protect users do too. Having the ability to update our customers’ YubiKeys to the latest model each year with YubiEnterprise Subscription will ensure they have all the latest security protocols in place," said Andrew Phillips, CEO at NQBE, Queensland, Australia.

In today’s new norm of remote work, and with increases in COVID-related phishing attacks and credential theft, organisations realise the necessity of YubiKey hardware-based authentication. YubiEnterprise Subscription enables organisations to leverage flexible and cost-effective ways to procure strong authentication and achieve the highest level of phishing defence at scale.

“YubiEnterprise Subscription provides considerable cost and time savings, helping organisations to simplify their approach to strong authentication as their business evolves,” said Fredrik Krantz, Senior Vice President, EMEA and APAC, Yubico. “With immediate success from the initial roll out in the US and Canada, we are proud to now offer YubiEnterprise Subscription to our APAC channel partners.”

Historically, YubiKeys have been sold on a per-device basis. Now, with YubiEnterprise Subscription, customers are able to purchase YubiKeys on a per-user basis and experience predictable OpEx spending. Additional benefits include the replacement of lost or stolen YubiKeys, and upgrades to new YubiKey models, such as the recently launched YubiKey 5C NFC. YubiEnterprise Subscription is available in three different tiers with a minimum initial purchase for 750 users.

"As a Yubico reseller partner, YubiEnterprise Subscription gives us a flexible and scalable model, which due to its three-year term ensures ongoing revenue and will help to strengthen customer loyalty," said Andrew Phillips. "This will make it even easier for our customers to successfully implement projects quickly. It offers them unlimited access to Yubico's security experts to help with the rollout and onboarding process, as well as priority problem handling and dedicated support."

To learn more about the business advantages of YubiEnterprise Subscription, please sign up for our upcoming webinar YubiEnterprise Subscription: Hardware Authenticators as a Service, on October 7 at 6:00 pm AEDT, or after on-demand.

For additional details, including pricing and availability, please contact your local YubiEnterprise Subscription representative.

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