New study finds many Aussies backing ‘Buy from the Bush’ and searching for vegan Christmas recipies or eco-friendly gifts

Australians are heading to the internet to search for a vegan twist to add to their 2019 Christmas celebrations, give eco-friendly gifts and ‘Buy from the Bush’, according to new online research from trusted data analytics provider SEMrush.

SEMrush reviewed the number of online searches for ‘vegan Christmas recipes’, ‘vegan Christmas dinner’ and ‘eco-friendly gifts’ across all the Australian states and territories over the last two years, to track the rise in searches for planet-friendly festive feasts this year.

The national online study reveals that people in Tasmania are 162% more likely to consider skipping their turkey or ham than at this time last year – the biggest spike in Australia. The number of people searching for vegan alternatives has also risen dramatically in the Northern Territory and the ACT, with searches for both terms rising 86% and 83% year on year respectivelySouth Australia and New South Wales recorded the lowest increase in searches for vegan Christmas recipes with only a 17% and 32% increase in searches, well below the national average of 59%.

“Australians tend to have quite a healthy lifestyle however the SEMrush data reflects more people have been making a shift to plant-based or vegan meal options for special occasions,” said Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. “It’s great to see that in every Australian state and territory, consumers are willing to add a vegan element to their Christmas menus. And with more people trying out flexitarian lifestyles, I’m sure this growing food trend will bring some festive cheer around dining tables come December 25.”

With the impact of the ongoing drought putting added pressure on regional and rural communities, the SEMrush data showed Australians got behind the ‘Buy from the Bush’ campaign too. ‘Buy from the Bush’ was ranked the second-highest online search nationally and in most states and territories. In NSW the campaign was the top-ranking online search however in the Northern Territory it ranked fourth, where online searches for regifting was of more interest.

Conscious shopping was also on consumers’ minds, with SEMrush finding online searches for ‘eco-friendly gifts’ have surged during the last two years.  On a national level, searches have increased a whopping 814% year on year and 497% during the last two years. At a state level, NSW registered a 983% increase since last year, Victoria a 795% rise in online searches and Queensland with a 662%  annual increase.

When it comes to non-alcoholic Christmas drinks, the Northern Territory recorded no change in online searches whilst there were 20% less searches made in South Australia. Meanwhile, if you’re from Western Australia, you have less chance of receiving a regifted present, with year on year online searches for regifting dropping 12%.

The national average of the top ten searches were as follows:

Top Keywords (based on average search volume) Year on year % change % change in the last two years
Vegan Christmas recipes 59.16% 13.86%
Buy from the Bush 100.00% 100.00%
Eco-friendly gifts 813.64% 497.03%
Vegan Christmas dinner 64.63% 101.67%
Regifting 15.22% 13.57%
Non-alcoholic Christmas drinks 23.91% -12.31%
Organic gifts 44.93% 20.48%
Reusable wrapping paper 400.00% 268.42%
Eco Christmas tree 127.78% 95.24%
Sustainable toys 291.67% 193.75%

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