Certus Jumps to the Next Stage in the Evolution of High Fidelity Application Prototyping with Touchstone


Certus Solutions, a leading IBM systems integrator in Australia and New Zealand has announced today that in the one hundred days since its acquisition of enterprise software and application development firm, Core Technology, the firm is launching its rapid prototyping and User Experience (UX) offering, Touchstone, which successfully combines a collaborative, user-centric methodology with an underlying technology architecture.

Touchstone enables Certus’ clients to validate that applications under development successfully address both business and user needs and deliver return on investment. It employs a process that rapidly builds a fully functional prototype that unlike simple wire-framing or click-through UX design approaches includes transformation, manipulation and display of data.

“There is recognition across most enterprises in Australia and New Zealand that User Experience needs to come to the forefront of how apps are developed for users if they are to achieve ROI and longevity. Too many companies have been wowed by great app design concepts, but have been let down by complex, costly and time consuming integration, compounded by very poor user experience,” said Brian Allen, CEO, Certus Solutions.

Touchstone extends the capabilities of Certus’ Digital Business Services (DBS), making it one of the largest DBS providers across the region. Certus can now design and build rich interactive enterprise applications for its clients, integrating relevant IBM technologies including API Management and API Tooling. Organisations can use Touchstone rapid software prototyping to conceive, collaborate and construct new apps without disrupting existing IT systems.

Since its acquisition of Core Technology on 15th January, Certus has started using Touchstone with its customers, allowing them to integrate new functionality into their existing enterprise applications, by introducing new capabilities and enhancing existing ones.

Shane Mercer, DBS Solutions Director, Certus Solutions (and former Core Technology CEO) said: “It is a huge achievement to be able to launch our next generation high fidelity application prototyping offering within the first one hundred days since the acquisition. Quality UX is no longer a nice to have when building applications and our clients are excited about the new services and capabilities incorporated within Touchstone.”

About Certus

Certus brings fresh ideas to enterprises across Australia and New Zealand, using the power and capability of IBM software. Every day more than 500 corporate and government organisations rely on software, technology and licencing solutions provided by a team of over 200 people at Certus. Spanning Digital Business Strategy, Information Management, Business Analytics, Enterprise Asset Management, Mobility and Cloud, Certus helps its clients make relevant choices, deliver tangible results and connect project outcomes to customer expectations. For more information please see: or for images to go with this story please see:



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