Alarming increase in domestic-violence related online searches seen during COVID lockdown by SEMrush

Figures collected by online marketing platform, SEMrush show an alarming increase in internet searches about domestic violence since the lockdown began in Australia several weeks ago.

SEMrush' online search data correlates with what women's support services are saying, which is that since the COVID-19 shut down in Australia, women in abusive relationships are living with their abusers in greater proximity than before and are rightly concerned.

Unfortunately, as women and children under threat are spending so much time with their abusers during the lockdown, they are hesitant to report domestic violence over the phone but have been searching for help and answers online.

Online searches for "children who witness domestic violence" increased by a staggering 175% between February and March, whilst searches for "national domestic violence" went up by 100%, searches for "domestic violence law" increased by 85% and "domestic verbal abuse" searches shot up by 75% in just one month.

"The spike in online searches suggests that people in Australia are worried and are reaching out for help," said Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush.


 Australian Online Search Growth from February to March 2020 - SEMrush

  1. Online searches for "children who witness domestic violence" are up by 175%
  2. Online searches for "national domestic violence" are up 100%
  3. Online searches for "Domestic violence law" are up 85%
  4. Online searches for "domestic verbal abuse" are up by 75%
  5. Online searches for "Domestic violence shelter" are up 53%
  6. Online searches for "National domestic violence hotline" have increased by 53%
  7. Online searches for "financial abuse domestic violence" are up by 57%
  8. Online searches for "domestic violence definition" are up by 53%
  9. Online searches for "women domestic violence" are up by 51%
  10. Online searches for "domestic violence charges" are up by 50%

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